[gst-devel] what caused samples all out of segment

jp_liu jp_liu at astrocom.cn
Fri Aug 24 10:06:20 CEST 2007

jp_liu, Hello 

In case no sounds, start < stop < segment->start in function gst_segment_clip, so it return false. but why? and how can I fix it?

jp_liu, jp_liu at astrocom.cn
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Subject: [gst-devel]what caused samples all out of segment

hi all;

My application is rtsp client, it paly stream what recevied from rtsp server, the pipeline is like: udpsrc->rtpdepay->faad->osssink.
Sometimes it can play well, but sometimes no sounds, I dig into, and found that all samples are discarded by faad, because gst_segment_clip return false.
What caused all samples out of segment, why sometimes it can play well, but sometimes not. Hope someone can help me, thanks!


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