[gst-devel] Adding support for HW Video Decoder, latency, HW clock slaving

Andy Wingo wingo at pobox.com
Fri Aug 24 22:55:03 CEST 2007

On Thu 23 Aug 2007 14:07, "Michael Tortolano" <michael at btandtservices.com> writes:

> 1. Can GStreamer cope with video decoders that decode at realtime rate
> and with a high latency?

The sources will run as fast as possible; according to another clock for
a live source, as fast as the disk can read for a file. There is a
latency infrastructure for the live case. If your decoder syncs to an
external clock, it should implement a clock and export it to the
pipeline, and the sinks should be with sync=false.

> 2. For audio sync, does GStreamer have a clock mechanism like DShow
> where you can rate match the audio/video playback rate to an external
> clock.




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