[gst-devel] No notify signal from queue element

Learner ruxyz at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 28 14:38:09 CEST 2007


  According to the documentation the queue element 
supports, notification signal for changes in level 
of queue data, viz buffers, time and bytes.

   This does not seem to work for me. Also, observed
no invocation of g_object_notify to support this.
   Is the documentation flawed or I'am missing
something ? Could somebody please clarify my doubt ?

>From the docs / code ......

* You can query how many buffers are queued by reading
 * #GstQueue:current-level-buffers property. You can
track changes
 * by connecting to the notify::current-level-buffers
signal (which
 * like all signals will be emitted from the streaming
thread). The same
 * applies to the #GstQueue:current-level-time and
 * #GstQueue:current-level-bytes properties.


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