[gst-devel] ES filtering? (and java binding)

Angelo Difino angelo.difino at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 15:16:55 CEST 2007

Hi all,
i'm usign the java binding of gstreamer libs (it works great!!!) and i'm
in trouble with Playbin .

Some info: i need to implement an ad hoc pipeline as explained below
(simple scenario: SRC-DEMUX-myplugin-DECODER-SINK).
i've successfully created a pipeline for an mp3 file:

Element mytool = ElementFactory.make ("plugin", "mytool");
             Element decoder = ElementFactory.make ("mad", "decode");
Element conv = ElementFactory.make ("audioconvert", "audioconvert");
Element resample = ElementFactory.make ("audioresample", "audioresample");
Element audiosink = ElementFactory.make ("directsoundsink", "play_audio");
                bin.addMany(filesrc, mytool , decoder, conv,
resample, audiosink);
bin.linkMany(filesrc, mytool , decoder, conv, resample, audiosink);

now, i'd like to insert mytool in 'any' pipeline. i've checked the
typefinder, but for my understanding it's not available on java binding (type
finder emit a gobject's signal and not a bus gstremer signal so from java
side i can't catch it... am i wrong?).

So, i've tried to use a Playbin that create 'any' pipeline and insert manually
mytool. but, here is the point: i really can't understand 'when' to do
this dirty
job. have i to insert mytool after the element 'source' and before the
element? and can i do this 'insert' also if the pipeline is playing?

sorry for so many details and for a really long mail,
hope someone knows how to workaround,
you can catch me online on irc as angelo_difino.

Best regards,

(... and gstream rox :) )

> Angelo Difino wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > my name is Angelo, from Italy, and first of all i'd like to thank you
> > so much about your
> > very valuable work. It seems, from my really quick research, that
> > Gstream is the more
> > flexible multimedia framework in OS.
> >
> > I've spotted Gstreamer just some days ago' and I'm planning to use it
> > in a very easy prototype
> > (just to start to getting familiar with it :) ). I've read the
> > documentation online  but some doubts
> > are still here in mind...
> >
> > Going directly to the point:
> > I need to create an ad hoc media chains where i apply an
> > blackbox/filter after demux and before/after
> > decoder in a rendering chain.
> >
> >
> > Moreover, i need to put this blackbox also in a media production
> > chain, again
> > after demux and after/before decoder.
> >
> > DEMUX, blackbox, MUX
> >
> > I've seen that video/audio filter can be applied AFTER decoding
> > process, and i'm wondering if i can
> > apply this blackbox BEFORE decoding, without _caring_ the format of
> > the data sent by demux to
> > decoder. Is it possible in Gstream? Can I simply use the
> > GST_STATIC_CAPS ("ANY") in my element
> > (blackbox) I'm going to write ex-novo and create the multimedia chain,
> > introducing my blackbox
> > where i really need? Or maybe is there a simpler/clearer way to
> > achieve my goal using some different
> > features on Gstream?
> >
> > Really really really thanks about your attention,
> > Best regards,
> > Angelo

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