[gst-devel] Application idea: Gramofile replacement

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Sat Dec 1 17:34:40 CET 2007

Hi Eetu,
Eetu Huisman schrieb:
> Hello, 
> I guess GStreamer would be the natural base library choice for this kind
> of application, but I'm not sure about the signal processing
> capabilities of GStreamer. On the other hand, I have absolutely no
> experience in signal processing, so maybe that part should be done later
> on, anyway.
Yes GStreamer would be a good base for it. But to be true the filters you are
looking for are mostly missing. What GStreamer can provide today is reording,
level-meters to optimize the gain, some post processing (eq, compression),
encoding and tagging.
Noisefiltering and pop/crack filtering is unfortunately no that easy (define
what a crack is and I'll remove it). I once wrote a noise filter and I have the
c-sources for it. So that could be turned into a gstreamer plugin one day.
> I'd be happy to receive any ideas and/or feedback on this. I've never
> done any Gnome coding before, so I'm expecting that it'll take some time
> before I get anything useful done. Any pointers to existing code
> examples (good and bad ;-) are certainly useful as well.

On the audio side gnome-media has a sound-recoder for a start. The eq-plugin has
a nice demo.


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