[gst-devel] Convert AVI to MOV/MP4 - streaming with Fast Start

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Wed Dec 12 21:54:58 CET 2007


Turbo Fredriksson schrieb:
> Can anyone supply me with a command line example that can do this?
> That is, I'm trying to stream AVI's (via FireFly/mt-daapd) to iTunes
> (which understands MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A and H264), so I want the output
> to go to STDOUT, not to file (not RTP, FireFly will supply that part).
> Because iTunes understand a whole bunch of formats, it doesn't matter
> much which, as long as it's any one of the mentioned ones...
> The FastStart is apparently needed to get iTunes to start playing as
> soon it have the header. It will 'hang up' the connection if it
> notices that the file it receives isn't streamable (i.e. no Fast Start
> tag).
> I'm about to give up - I've been trying to do this for almost two
> weeks now, without ANY progress so I'd appreciate if someone could
> take pity on me and just give me the commandline 'on a silver
> platter'...

maybe you could start to tell us what you tried? Have you used fdsink?

> PS. Don't know if there's anyone actually subscribed to the list.
>     The archives seems to have more spam than actuall mail...

What archives are you looking at?

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