[gst-devel] Convert AVI to MOV/MP4 - streaming with Fast Start

Turbo Fredriksson turbo at bayour.com
Mon Dec 10 18:14:27 CET 2007

Can anyone supply me with a command line example that can do this?

That is, I'm trying to stream AVI's (via FireFly/mt-daapd) to iTunes
(which understands MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A and H264), so I want the output
to go to STDOUT, not to file (not RTP, FireFly will supply that part).
Because iTunes understand a whole bunch of formats, it doesn't matter
much which, as long as it's any one of the mentioned ones...

The FastStart is apparently needed to get iTunes to start playing as
soon it have the header. It will 'hang up' the connection if it
notices that the file it receives isn't streamable (i.e. no Fast Start

I'm about to give up - I've been trying to do this for almost two
weeks now, without ANY progress so I'd appreciate if someone could
take pity on me and just give me the commandline 'on a silver

PS. Don't know if there's anyone actually subscribed to the list.
    The archives seems to have more spam than actuall mail...

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