[gst-devel] Live pipeline not really real-time

Florent fthiery at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 01:04:47 CET 2007

Hi gstreamers,

Here's some pipeline:

gst-launch-0.10 avimux name=muxer ! filesink location=file.avi filesrc
location=/tmp/file.yuv ! ffdemux_yuv4mpegpipe ! ffmpegcolorspace ! tee
tee0. ! queue ! xvimagesink tee0. ! queue ! x264enc ! muxer.
audiotestsrc ! lame ! muxer.

... where file.yuv is a fifo file

The fact is that if i play the x264 right after starting the encoding,
i notice that it mplayer is stopping after a few seconds, which means
that the encoding is late (not live, not realtime: ). The CPU usage
shows it's not saturated.

Are there ways to:
* isolate the bottleneck ?
* force the sync ?

I'd be glad to get any help on this, i'm hoping some sync features of
gstreamer would be a solution...



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