[gst-devel] how to disable the gstreamer's non-fatal output information

Volter Yen volter619 at 163.com
Wed Dec 19 10:08:24 CET 2007

Hi all,
   When I excute my gstreamer application,it gives the following output information(the information are tiggered by the flutsdemux gstreamer plugin,and processed by the gstreamer framework)
   21 ** (myapp:7770): CRITICAL **: gst_adapter_push: assertion `GST        _IS_ADAPTER (adapter)' failed
     23 ** (tsplayer:7770): CRITICAL **: gst_adapter_available: assertion         `GST_IS_ADAPTER (adapter)' failed
     25 ** (tsplayer:7770): CRITICAL **: gst_adapter_take: assertion `GST        _IS_ADAPTER (adapter)' failed
and the a/v stream can play normally althought the audio is no very fluent,
I thought it maybe be caused by the too frenquently printing information on the console, so I want to disable this information, any ideas? thank you!
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