[gst-devel] how to disable the gstreamer's non-fatal output information

Jan Schmidt thaytan at mad.scientist.com
Thu Dec 20 09:46:17 CET 2007

<quote who="Volter Yen">

>    Hi all,
>       When I excute my gstreamer application,it gives the following output
>    information(the information are tiggered by the flutsdemux gstreamer
>    plugin,and processed by the gstreamer framework)
>    ...  
>       21 ** (myapp:7770): CRITICAL **: gst_adapter_push: assertion
>    `GST        _IS_ADAPTER (adapter)' failed
>         22
>         23 ** (tsplayer:7770): CRITICAL **: gst_adapter_available:
>    assertion         `GST_IS_ADAPTER (adapter)' failed
>         24
>         25 ** (tsplayer:7770): CRITICAL **: gst_adapter_take: assertion
>    `GST        _IS_ADAPTER (adapter)' failed
>    .....

These errors indicate that some part of the program is making calls to the
GstAdapter API, but passing an invalid GstAdapter pointer. You should find
where that is and fix it to silence the warnings.

I´d use gdb and break on the g_log function to check where the calls are
happening, but it might also be easy to spot in your code directly.


Jan Schmidt                                  thaytan at mad.scientist.com

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