[gst-devel] Help setting frame rate with videorate

Aaron Lindsey aaron at 8bh.com
Thu Dec 20 05:58:35 CET 2007

With the help from Edward and quite a bit of searching on my own I was
able to solve my problem.  The frame rates seemed to be ignored and 1/1
was always assumed until I used the multipartdemux element.  Here is the
pipeline that finally worked:

 gnomevfssrc location=http://url?resolution=320x240\&fps=2 !
multipartdemux ! image/jpeg,framerate=2/1 ! jpegdec ! theoraenc ! oggmux
! filesink location=test.ogg

After looking at the docs for multipartdemux, I'm not sure why I got any
video at all before.  I guess jpegdec was figuring out some way to parse
the multipart stream into jpegs with the side effect that the frame rate
from the caps filter was ignored....or something.  Haven't dug deep enough
into gstreamer to really know.  Can anyone shed some light?


> Hi,
>   Add a capsfilter informing the content is jpeg data at Xfps.
>   Ex : gnomevfssrc ! image/jpeg,framerate=2/1 ! jpegdec ....
>     Edward

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