[gst-devel] h264dec support from avidemux, qtdemux and ffmpegdemux

zhangfei gao gaozhangfei at yahoo.com.cn
Wed Feb 14 11:27:03 CET 2007

Hello, gstreamer-devel
  For the h264dec support, qtdemux and ffmpegdemux is compatible, while avidemux takes a totally different way. 
I am concern whether avidemux could work well with ffmpeg_h264dec.
  qtdemux send avcC by means of codec_data, including sps and pps. but spec says h264 could contains 255 sps and pps header at most, does this is the first one?
For h264 data, it formated as len+data, also it can ensure frame numbers is integral.
  In avidemux, the codec_data seems dispensable, which could be omitted at all, since h264 data still contains such information.
In h264 data, it formated as "00 00 01 + data", while "00 00 01" is sync code. 
  question are:
1, Does these two methods will co-exist, or one will submit to the other in the future.
For we must consider both situations if support both.
2. Could avidemux ensures frame number is integral when it push data to codec, if so, we could do not consider repack in the codec.
Thanks in advance

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