[gst-devel] help about totem and gst

HyunZhang at viatech.com.cn HyunZhang at viatech.com.cn
Tue Jul 10 11:13:47 CEST 2007

Dear gst,


This is hyunzhang from VIA Technologies shanghai, CHINA. I am writing
plugins for gst. In our project we use S3's video card to implement
hardware video decode acceleration. In decoder plugin it gets GstBuffer
from demux plugin written by gst organization. But when our decoder
decoded raw data, the result is stored in hardware and we can get it by
surface id only through our driver(there is not any data in system
memory). For our video sink, it can only accept surface id from our
decode plugin. Their communication is only through surface id with a new
mimetype 'x-raw-via' as we define newly.


In totem, I found it can only use 'playbin'. The 'playbin' will build a
'vbin'. But 'vbin' contains identity, colorspace and videoscale. Their
caps is not suitable for the new mimetype 'x-raw-via'. The mean is I
want decoder's out is transferred to video sink directly under totem.


Do you have any method to deal with this ?




Thank you very much.


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