[gst-devel] [WINDOWS] directdrawsink problem

bounce bounce bouncebounce at caramail.com
Fri Jun 8 15:17:43 CEST 2007

Well, I'm working on Xwindow and to get the window_handle of my drawing area, I do XtWindow(myDrawingArea) which returns me a Window object. At this moment, I put this value in parameter as my drawing area handle in the gst_x_overlay_set_xwindow_id function, and the sink pointer.

Is the XtWindow function a right way to link the directdraw sink and the output widget with the gst_x_overlay_set_xwindow_id function ?

I also observed an error returns by the callback of the bus which said :

domain=1048 code=10
message="Failed to set the set the cooperative level error=DDERR_INVALID_PARAMS"
gstdirectdrawsink(1142) /dec/vbin/vsink

Do you have an idea about my problem ? 

> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> I'm using GStreamer in my application to play video and I'd like to output the video in a drawing area from XWindow on Windows and Unix.
> At the moment, I'l trying it on WIndows. I'm using a "playbin" bin to solve the video format and I'm using a "directdrawsink" sink to outout the video in my drawing area.
> To link the "directdrawsink" sink to the drawing area, I've used "gst_x_overlay_set_xwindow_id(GST_X_OVERLAY(vsink), winid)".
> But my problem is that there is no video output inthe drawing area and my application is frozen. When I try to debug my application, I 've observed that the sink is not completely solve : no link is make with my sink, "vbin" and my playbin contrary to if I was using a fakesink or if I don't specify an output window and where GStreamer will build itself a window and play the video.
> Is there somebody who have an idea about=A0my problem ? Is it a bug ?
> Thanks.

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