[gst-devel] autoplug: how to set pipeline to GST_STATE_PLAYING after all the pads linking ended

zhangfei gao gaozhangfei at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Mar 29 12:30:34 CEST 2007

Hi,  gstreamers
  My autoplug process is set element to GST_STATE_PLAYING as soon as I find one compatible element.
  This method will cause sync issue when the media has both audio and video, since there is a time between audiosink and videosink add to the pipeline. 
  Especially when set pause to resume, it will hold some time, which can be solved by play audio and video at one time.
  I want to set pipeline to GST_STATE_PLAYING after pad link completed, no matter whether the stream only contains audio or both.
  questions are:
1, autoplug is very common in gstreamer framework, what about the common method to set audio and video playing.
2, is there any signal when all the pads linking ended.
3, is there any method to know sometimes pad number in demux(qtdemux, avidemux), then the most ugly method is waiting.
Thanks in advance

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