[gst-devel] Problem with windows binaries maintained by Fluendo

NeBlackCat (lists) lists at asd-group.com
Tue May 15 17:32:03 CEST 2007

Thanks Sebastien, but I tried that and it didn't seem to make any 
difference. I can see that GTK+ has added itself to the path, and a 
"LANG=C" has appeared, but GSTREAMER-0.10.12.exe still complains. I cant 
reboot at the moment as I've got stuff that I have to keep running.

Are you saying that you have to install GTK+ to a certain directory? I 
have it in C:\WIN\PROGS\COMMON\GTK\2.0\, which is where it proposed.

Also, is there a particular version of GTK+ that must be used? I'm now 
using just the latest (2.10.6).

Cheers in advance for putting the binaries up!

Sebastien Moutte wrote:
> Hi,
> I know this problem, after the installation of the GTK runtime, environment
> variables specifying the GTK runtime path are not updated in the current
> explorer process. As environment variables are passed by the parent process
> to new processes, the GStreamer setup installer doesn't find the fresh
> install of GTK Runtime.
> To force environment variables to be updated in your current explorer, you
> can go in System properties/Advanced/Environment Variables and click OK.
> And try again.
> I'll try to fix that, may be by adding the standard installation path of GTK
> runtime to the GStreamer setup env variables at runtime before searching for
> dependencies ...
> And, I will add these Windows binaries to the GStreamer website in the
> coming days, I'll post a mail to this list when it will be done.
> Sebastien
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> Per Christian Schaller's recent post I just tried to install GStreamer 
> from gstreamer-0.10.12.setup.zip at 
> http://perso.orange.es/moutte983/gstreamer/.
> The install won't work - it keeps asking for GTK runtimes and aborting. 
> However I've installed three different versions of them (including the 
> latest) from the site it directed me to, and it hasn't helped.
> The above page says to report problems to the mailing list - so here it is!
> Let me know if I can try anything to help. It's great that you host the 
> Windows binaries - as Ken Seehart said, it's rather silly that they 
> aren't made available directly by the GStreamer project itself (imho).
> Let me know if I can do anything to help fix the above problem,
> - John
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