[gst-devel] Release time!

Jan Schmidt thaytan at noraisin.net
Fri May 18 19:28:37 CEST 2007

So, we haven't had any releases in too long - every module needs a release.

Originally, I wanted to do good/bad/ugly next, since they're most in
need, but in the meantime people have gone and made them depend on CVS
core and base, so I'm going to release everything, starting with Core &
Base, then Good/Bad and Ugly together. gst-ffmpeg might follow at the end.

So, I'd like a list of things that need to happen before Core & Base can
be released, and I'd like to have the release of those 2 done by monday
week (Monday, 28th May), which is 10 days from now.

I'm thinking to have the first pre-releases out on Wednesday at the latest.

On my pre-release radar at the moment:

* Finish up the work on AlsaMixer changes so that it doesn't need to be
patched up again later.
* Double-check a worrying state-change hang I observed running
gst-typefind over ~5000 media files earlier this week.

Are there other things in progress that need to be finished up or
reviewed before a release of those modules can happen?


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