[gst-devel] flupsdemux: how use flupsdemux handle D1 size stream

zhangfei gao gaozhangfei at yahoo.com.cn
Tue May 22 04:37:55 CEST 2007

  I use flupsdemux handle 704x480 size video, it seems flupsdemux do not send integrated frames.
It will go to mpeg2dec 6 times, print info as below:
name: video/mpeg
video/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)2, systemstream=(boolean)false
in chain data_size=65501
in chain data_size=34404
in chain data_size=65501
in chain data_size=9978
in chain data_size=38488
in chain data_size=48272
  In fact, the stream has four frames in total, 
1. 99961
2. 74970
3. 24990
  But when I demux some small size, the input frame is intact.
Is there any method to judge whether the input frame is intact or not, since our codec only handle intact frames.
  could you give some suggestions?
Thanks in advance

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