[gst-devel] problem negotiating pipeline: avi to mp4 conversion

Tanim Islam tanim.islam at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 04:36:48 CEST 2007

Hi, I am having a problem converting from avi to mp4 format. I have all the 
necessary plugins (ffmpeg gstreamer pack, etc.). I wish to make my 
video "ipod-friendly," so i want to convert the video to 320x240 at 29.97 
fps. Here is my pipeline.

gst-launch filesrc location=$name.avi ! decodebin name=decoder 
decoder. ! 'video/x-raw-yuv,format=(fourcc)I420,framerate=29.97/1,width=320,height=240' ! 
ffmpegcolorspace ! ffenc_mpeg4 bitrate=640000 ! queue ! ffmux_mp4 name=mux ! 
filesink location=$name.mp4 decoder. ! audioconvert ! faac bitrate=64000 ! 
queue ! mux.

The problem appears to arise in the x-raw-yuv video filter. If I change the 
filter to 'video/x-raw-yuv,format=(fourcc)I420', then it works. However, the 
output video is not scaled and the framerate is not renormalized. Anyone know 
what I am doing wrong here?

Tanim Islam

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