[gst-devel] offline processing

José Carlos Pujol jpujol at tid.es
Thu Sep 13 17:51:34 CEST 2007

Hi all

Is it possible to do offline processing with gstreamer?

I have a video in MPEG format and a plugin which takes a lot of time per 
frame to do the processing, much more that the video frame rate. I made 
a simple pipeline in order to dump every single frame of the source 
video filtered by my plugin, but the frame rate is set by the source 
video, so there is a huge frame skipping in order to maintain the 
original timestamps.

When I do the same with a YUV video, I get the desired behaviour: the 
framerate is set by the required time of the slowest plugin and every 
single frame is filtered.

I tried to convert the MPEG file into YUV, but the space needed is 

Any ideas?


José Carlos

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