[gst-devel] RE : Re: Memory leaks

Steve Fink sphink at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 18:31:50 CEST 2007

Thanks. I dumped the --show-reachable, but the major difficulty is
that this is an infinite pipeline, so there's no point at which
valgrind can dump out the memory leakage.

But I hacked gst-launch to accept a quit signal. (I can't use the
already-existing SIGINT, because valgrind catches that and dies.)

So now it's showing me a leak that I'll try to track down. I pasted
the output at the bottom. It's nothing surprising; it looks like
buffers aren't getting unreffed.

> I don't have any memleak. Which revision of GStreamer do you use ?

I think it was 0.10.13 originally? But I get the same thing with current CVS.

==00:00:03:44.899 25856== 719,760 bytes in 8,997 blocks are definitely
lost in loss record 2,505 of 2,505
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    at 0x4021620: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:149)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x415A2C5: g_malloc (gmem.c:131)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x4169E97: g_slice_alloc (gslice.c:777)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x416A214: g_slice_alloc0 (gslice.c:784)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x40FF336: g_type_create_instance (gtype.c:1549)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x4078944: gst_mini_object_new
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x405AE94: gst_buffer_new (gstbuffer.c:302)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x405B4D1: gst_buffer_new_and_alloc
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x407E1CC: gst_pad_alloc_buffer_full
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x403131D: gst_audio_test_src_create
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x45B8D80: gst_base_src_get_range
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x45BC455: gst_base_src_loop (gstbasesrc.c:1943)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x4098725: gst_task_func (gsttask.c:192)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x41724D7: g_thread_pool_thread_proxy
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x4170B7E: g_thread_create_proxy (gthread.c:591)
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x41BF31A: start_thread (in
==00:00:03:44.899 25856==    by 0x42A157D: clone (in

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