[gst-devel] TagSetter in Python Bindings

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Thu Sep 27 21:47:41 CEST 2007


Wolfgang Silbermayr wrote:
> Mark Nauwelaerts wrote:
>> Wolfgang Silbermayr wrote:
>>> Wolfgang Silbermayr wrote:
>>>>> Hi List!
>>>>> I am trying to get a small python project done where it is important to set tags in ogg files. In the #gstreamer channel I got the hint that the oggmux element implements TagSetter, but I just can't figure out how to access this interface in the python gst bindings. Maybe somebody can point me there.
>>> Okay, so I answer to myself if nobody can help me on. It seems that the
>>> TagSetter interface is not implemented in the python bindings. If this
>>> is the case, is there anything that I can do in order to get them in?
>> TagSetter is implemented in python bindings; I used it for example in GEntrans
>> (http://gentrans.sourceforge.net/).  Look at tools/entrans.py in download or svn
>> and search for TagSetter.  That should get you the following fragment (which is
>> not complete and/or may not be the best example), which should give you an idea
>> (and get going):
> Okay, now I finally found the time to try that out. It seems to me that
> the TagSetter only accepts tags that it knows, like artist, title etc.
> The problem is that my project should store geographical data
> (longitude, latitude, altitude). Does anybody know if I can forcefully
> set my own tags (it is possible to store them in vorbis, tagtool for
> example can do that) or do I have to find a different solution (maybe
> store in comments)?
> Greetings, Wolfgang.

the known tags can be extended. geo tags are currently missing. If you want file
a bug to bugzilla.gnome.org. Its helpful if you can do research, how such
information is mapped to various file-formats.


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