[gst-devel] unable to get gst-app to work... (OABuild)

Phil Pellouchoud Phil at slacker.com
Wed Apr 2 01:53:11 CEST 2008

The interesting thing is that's the only DLL that doesn't have at least
one exported symbol/function....  Something's wrong with the way that
thing is getting built...




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Okay, after a while playing around with this I discovered something


gst_plugin_desc is seen as an entry point for most of the DLLs (for
example - libgstdecodebin.dll), but I do not see that listed for
libgstplaybin.dll.  I'm guessing that that is my problem.  For some
reason that symbol isn't being included in the build of
libgstplaybin.dll (using "depends.exe").  I started looking into why and
quickly got a headache.  It looks like that (gst_plugin_desc) is defined
in gstplugin.h...






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Subject: [gst-devel] unable to get gst-app to work...


I am having trouble getting gst-app to work.  When I run it, I get:


** (app.exe:5908): WARNING **: The GStreamer function
gst_init_get_option_group() was

        called, but the GLib threading system has not been initialised

        yet, something that must happen before any other GLib function

        is called. The application needs to be fixed so that it calls

           if (!g_thread_supported ()) g_thread_init(NULL);

        as very first thing in its main() function. Please file a bug

        against this application.

Trying to play file:///c:/hold.mp3 ...


I am running on a WinXPSP2 system using OABuild.


And then it pops up with a message box that says:



| Error 


| (X)   ** ERROR **: Could not create GStreamer 'playbin' element.
Please install it

|          aborting...


|                                                                     [
OK ]




Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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