[gst-devel] video recording --- need help

sudarshan bisht bisht.sudarshan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 06:44:39 CEST 2008

Hi ,

     I am working on a use case where camera runs in a preview mode for some
time after that video recording gets start .
So for that i am trying to connect record bin ( which has gstreamer plugins
responsible for recording) with the existing preview pipeline .
Before connecting record bin with preview pipeline , i change the state of
pipeline to PAUSED state.

Tee element is used to connect record bin with preview pipeline.

But the problem i am facing is that the recorded file has same kind of video
frames inittially for some amout of time .
And this time is equal to the time till preview was ON before video
recording .

Suppose i am capturing at 25 fps , and i start recording at 5 sec , then
25*5= 125 frames are of same kind in the recorded file,
means if i play recored file it is showing same frame for 5 seconds and then
ot plays normally .

Can anybody suggest me possible solution for it.

Sudarshan Bisht
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