[gst-devel] GstFileSrc vs. GstAudioSrc

Phil Pellouchoud Phil at slacker.com
Sat Apr 5 01:21:40 CEST 2008

Okay, I need some help. :-)

Here's my situation - I want to create a filter with no sink pads and
exactly one source pad -- essentially a source filter?

It looks like a file source filter in the sense that it has a "location"
property associated with it, but it spits out PCM instead of actual file
data (i.e. there's a decompressor built in).

What should I base this filter on?  I started using GstAudioSrc because
it seemed like the documentation was leading me that way.  But now that
I'm having all these problems, I'm wondering if I should have used the

It seems like what I want to do is pretty simple - a source filter,
takes a 'location' as a property and spews out PCM on the "source" pad
so that I could hook it up to a autoaudiosink and play audio....

Any suggestions?


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