[gst-devel] Pausing pipeline is causing error

Andreas Schuler andreas at neokast.com
Wed Apr 30 19:04:42 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I have been struggling with this issue for some time now. My setup looks as

   - 2 fakesrc components, which are injecting encoded audio and video data
   - Sources are connected to a multiqueue
   - Queue is connected to two decoding bins
   - Standard audio and video rendering tails (i.e. convert filters,
   rendering sinks etc.) are connected to decoding bin source pads

I am starting the pipeline using the following command (m_bin is of type

gst_element_set_state (m_bin, GST_STATE_PLAYING);

This works fine and my content is getting played back. Then I am attempting
to pause the pipeline using this code:

gst_element_set_state (m_bin, GST_STATE_PAUSED);

I have a bus listener and can confirm that I get the state change on the
pipeline itself. About 3 seconds after getting that message, I get another
one on the bus of type GST_MESSAGE_ERROR. The message reads (there are no
debug details provided):

"Pipeline is still running, stop first or wait for pending stop."

I have been grepping the GStreamer code for some time now but could not find
that (or parts of) string.

After this error it seems impossible to restart the pipeline.

I was wondering whether anyone could tell me what I am missing.


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