[gst-devel] Does gstreamer plug-ins support hardwareacceleration

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OpenMAX is an excellent infrastructure to unify/enable hardware acceleration for Media (and 2D, 3D), however it is newer to Linux world.
And most Graphics card enabled XvMC in their driver, So I still like to know the XvMC in Gstreamer.
Does Gstreamer framework itself should care about XvMC? Or the codec elements (for example ffmpeg libavcodec) cover the XvMC?

By the way:
I think we care for the layer between hardware (driver) and the codecs; that should be DL layer in OpenMAX.


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Gst has a project (GstOpenMAX) to support OpenMAX IL based plugin. Although OpenMAX IL itself is hardware independent, many accelerators vendors use it as a standard interface. You can find more discussion in GstOpenMAX mail archieve
On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 10:02 AM, Chen, Weian <weian.chen at intel.com<mailto:weian.chen at intel.com>> wrote:

Hi All

Does gstreamer plug-ins support hardware acceleration?

If yes which plug-ins are supported, and what are these plug-ins based on: XvMC? LibVA ? or some other thing else?

Thanks a lot


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