[gst-devel] framerate and deinterlace2

Julien Isorce julien.isorce at gmail.com
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Thx for your explanation.

So a video source at 1080i uses as much bandwith as a video source at 1080p.
I believed there was black lines in one interlaced frame and so 1080i was
used for lower bandwith.

So I do not understand why 1080i still exist because interlacing was
iniatilly used for CRT tv to avoid flickering.
So what are the reasons to use interlace mode in a full numeric chain ?
(source, transport, visual)

Then "the NTSC system delivers the rate of 30 frames/s or 60 fields/s", so
using deinterlace2, I will get a 60 FPS if fields property is "all", and 30
FPS if "bottom or top". So usually a FULL HD Televisons do deinterlacing
using only top/bottom ?

What's the most usual deinterlacing method used in FULL HD screens ?



> It doesn't depend on the deinterlacing method (but some produce a
> jumping picture if outputting the doubled framerate).
> The fields property can be used for this, if it's set to all you will
> get the doubled framerate, top/bottom will only output the interpolated
> top or bottom field.
> Let's assume you have a interlaced video (with both fields weaved into
> one frame) with 30fps. Taking every even line corresponds to one field,
> every odd line corresponds to the other field then. Now these two fields
> don't have the exact same timestamp but the second field is 1/2 frame
> after the first one, i.e. 1/60 second in our example. The fields=all
> deinterlacing will now output a frame every 1/60 seconds, where every
> frame is created from the corresponding field and the missing lines are
> interpolated by some method (which you can choose with the method
> property). This method could of course be to simply take the missing
> lines from the previous or following field but there are also some more
> complex methods ;)
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