[gst-devel] HDMI video support in Gstreamer

Chen, Weian weian.chen at intel.com
Wed Dec 10 02:53:08 CET 2008

Thank you all.

And my thinking is that if we treat HDMI as generic digital output such as DVI, all display will be sent to HDMI. 
What I want is that only video/audio data playback within Gstreamer framework will be output to HDMI interface.

Any comments?

Thanks in advanced.

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On Tue, 2008-12-09 at 10:05 +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:
> hi,
> Chen, Weian schrieb:
> > Hi 
> >
> > Thanks for your info.
> >
> > And what I want to do is to develop a sink element to send decoded data to HDMI. Is it possible?
> >   
> Sure. There is a base class for sinks (GstBaseSink). This is used e.g.
> by xvimagesink or ximagesink. Its recommened to use that, as it
> implements most generic functionality needed for A/V sync.
> What you need to find out is what api is used to output to hdmi on linux
> (is is v4l2?).

Why would it be any different from output through DVI, or another
digital output?

X should know how to drive it, the only hard bit being the HDMI audio.
See also:

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