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Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at apestaart.org
Tue Dec 23 12:24:02 CET 2008

Hi guys,

I've been trying various approaches to figuring out what bug I'm running
into when using effects with gnonlin, but I'm failing.

I've boiled it down to a simple test case that you can run on south.mp3
that should make it easy to reproduce the problem.

The script tries to play the last 10 secs of that file, then starts a
second copy of that file from the start 5 seconds after the first, doing
an adder mix for 5 seconds.  A third copy is supposed to start a few
seconds before the end of the second.

As you can tell, instead of playing the whole part where the second copy
should be playing alone for 50 seconds, it completely drops the solo
part and jumps to the next mix immediately.

I have no idea what's causing this.  When I don't add the effects, while
it obviously doesn't mix correctly, the timing of each of the three
copies is correct.

Edward is telling me that Jokosher is cheating, and that their solution is not really the proper gnonlin way.
Anyone know what the 'proper' gnonlin way is, or is it just not possible today to create a jukebox-type
application with gnonlin ?


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