[gst-devel] Desperate @ wits end; newbie help please!

Sheshadri Mantha sheshadri.mantha at schange.com
Thu Feb 21 00:04:57 CET 2008

i wish to play a mpegts file.

i've tried multiple combinations of playbin, decodebin, ffmpegdemuxts, 
flutsdemux and trying to render video onto directdrawsink but none of it 

my guess is that i don't know how to chain the pipeline.


    * what can video_%02d sink into ??
    * what element do i place in between say flutsdemux or
      ffmpeg_demuxts and directdrawsink ??

I'm able to play wmv and avi (funnily only the audio plays no video) and 
mov (again strangely enough the video plays but no audio).

I'm also finding it difficult to understand how to figure out which 
element to link with which one... working with the gst-inspect and 
launch is tedious.... and i could not get gst-editor to compile 
successfuly (could not satisfy the config to generate makefiles).

any help is appreciated.

Kindest regards,
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