[gst-devel] gstreamer-plugin-gl win32

Julien.Isorce at alumni.enseeiht.fr Julien.Isorce at alumni.enseeiht.fr
Mon Feb 25 10:32:59 CET 2008

> On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 11:44:24PM +0100, Julien.Isorce at alumni.enseeiht.fr
> wrote:
>> I saw that gstreamer-plugin-gl is using X11.
>> Especially in gstgldisplay.h and .c
>> I think it should use glut instead of using X11 directly.
>> With glut the code is the same on linux and windows. It is one level
>> more
>> than X11 and win32 API.
>> So I want to know if someone is already working ont it ?
>> Otherwise I can lock the idea and I can work on using glut in
>> gstreamer-plugin-gl to manage the display.
> GLUT isn't really the right abstraction for removing the X dependency
> from libgstgl.  gstgldisplay.c is itself an abstraction layer for
> handling GLX connections, which could easily be expanded to include
> other backends.  I'm not hugely familiar with GLUT, but I'm pretty
> sure there are a number of things that gstgldisplay does (or should
> do) that are not handled by GLUT.  In fact, everything except opening
> and connection and creating a window.
> I'd be happy to look at a patch, though.
> dave...


I took a better look of the files (gstreamer-plugins-gl) and ...
I cannot see any comments in the code.

I think the best way it's to start from scratch, and only use
mutli-platform code.

Please make your code reusable, even if no time or anything else. I am
sure there is a good reason for no comments in gstreamer-plugins-gl code



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