[gst-devel] TI OMAP DSP support

g the_ether2 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 18 15:08:01 CET 2008

> Stefan, Kalle, Felipe
> Thank you all for your help.
> So it is as I expected re. DSP support in GStreamer.
> Someone in another group had said that GStreamer
> supported the DSP for the N810 and then I found the
> TI
> article on the GStreamer site so I was seeking
> confirmation.
Okay, I'm confused again. In the Maemo Quick Start
Guide, it states, "Maemo has a high level programming
support for the DSP in form of GStreamer elements
which can decode most of the supported file formats.
By using the DSP computing load is also taken off from
the main processor which greatly enhances system
performance and responsivity."

So which are those elements?


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