[gst-devel] Python bindings and GHashTable

Aaron Lindsey aaron at 8bh.com
Fri Jan 18 06:40:38 CET 2008

Hi all,
    I'm writing an app using rtpbin.  I wrote some test code in C to pull
an mpeg4 stream over RTP and pipe it to the screen.  After reading lots of
docs and code, it seems to be working fine.  As I discovered during this
process, you need to give rtpbin a mapping between payload type and the
appropriate caps.  This is done with a GHashTable.  Today I began
converting the C code over to the python bindings and ran into a brick
wall when I tried to create the GHashTable.  I did some searching around
and it doesn't seem like there is any binding for this in PyGtk or
PyGObject.  So, I'm wondering, am I just missing something?  If not, is
there a standard work around for those that are using the python bindings
with gstreamer?  Also, did I just describe a scenario where I wrote a
quick and dirty prototype in C before converting to Python for the real
thing?  Weird.


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