[gst-devel] [devel] streaming h264

Terry Leung terry83 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 08:02:31 CET 2008

Hi all,

I am writing a rtsp server to stream h264 rtp packet
I use lve555 to write the rtsp part and gstreamer for streaming the rtp
I use vlc to act as a rtsp client

The rtsp part is working well(by capturing the packet in between)
but the video cannot be seen

Here is the pipeline i used: (jill.3gp is a video file encoded in h263)
gst-launch --gst-debug-level=2 -v -m filesrc
location=/home/terry/jill.3gp ! qtdemux name=demuxer \
demuxer.! queue ! ffdec_h263 ! x264enc byte-stream=true !  rtph264pay
! udpsink host= port=4760

I suspect, this is related to the parameter in the sdp,
profile_level_id and sprop_parameter_sets_str
What's the suitable value for these two parameter are suitable for the
x264enc used in gstreamer?

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