[gst-devel] Test Framework, gstcheck.h, wish-list invitation

Jeremy Chambers jchambers at appscio.com
Tue Jun 17 01:49:08 CEST 2008

Dear GStreamer Dev Community,

Erik Walthinsen and I are digging into GStreamer's built-in test-framework
(i.e., /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/check/gstcheck.h) and will be
updating / adding new tests (cvs: gstreamer/tests) soon.

We want to make sure we use the most up to date test-framework that is easy
to use.  We need to test all of gstreamer (i.e., including plugins) using an
approach that is current with agile methodology (i.e., test early-n-often,
fast developer-sandbox testing + continuous integration-testing in the

If you have written (or are currently writing) any tests, benchmarks, or
test-framework for GStreamer, we'd like to hear from you:

* What is the current state of GStreamer testing, *test-framework
documentation*, *design*, etc. ?
* have you used gstcheck.h (i.e., an author of something in
* have you dumped results in XML and imported them into a web-app for
viewing / trending?
* What kind of tests (or test-framework) are you writing and what are the
kind of issues you've ran into?
* Have you used other test frameworks like Boost.Test (C++), TestNG or JUnit
(Java) ?
* What is your test-framework wish-lists ?
* How are you handling process-external failure modes (i.e., segfaults) on a
per-test basis?

Jeremy Chambers, M.Sc. SE
Appscio, Inc.
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