[gst-devel] Test Framework, gstcheck.h, wish-list invitation

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Thu Jun 19 17:01:04 CEST 2008


Jeremy Chambers schrieb:
> Dear GStreamer Dev Community,
> Erik Walthinsen and I are digging into GStreamer's built-in 
> test-framework (i.e., 
> /usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/gst/check/gstcheck.h) and will be updating 
> / adding new tests (cvs: gstreamer/tests) soon.
> We want to make sure we use the most up to date test-framework that is 
> easy to use.  We need to test all of gstreamer (i.e., including 
> plugins) using an approach that is current with agile methodology 
> (i.e., test early-n-often, fast developer-sandbox testing + continuous 
> integration-testing in the build-environment).
> If you have written (or are currently writing) any tests, benchmarks, 
> or test-framework for GStreamer, we'd like to hear from you:
> * What is the current state of GStreamer testing, *test-framework 
> documentation*, *design*, etc. ?
There are test mechanisms on several levels. First there are check (see 
http://check.sf.net) based unit tests. We have some extensions to make 
it easier writing gstreamer tests.

One difficulty is to get good code coverage with this approach. This is 
where the new qa-system insanity (former gst-media-test) comes in.
> * have you used gstcheck.h (i.e., an author of something in 
> gstreamer/tests/check/gst/*.c)?
> * have you dumped results in XML and imported them into a web-app for 
> viewing / trending?
> * What kind of tests (or test-framework) are you writing and what are 
> the kind of issues you've ran into?
tests for framework features and tests for new elements
> * Have you used other test frameworks like Boost.Test (C++), TestNG or 
> JUnit (Java) ?
JUnit. GTest
> * What is your test-framework wish-lists ?
Will you work on them if we list them here? :)
> * How are you handling process-external failure modes (i.e., 
> segfaults) on a per-test basis?
check and insanity fork tests.

> Thanks,
> Jeremy Chambers, M.Sc. SE
> Appscio, Inc.
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