[gst-devel] strange parasites in frequency sweeping

Elie Roux elie.roux at enst-bretagne.fr
Thu Mar 20 22:58:29 CET 2008


to test some headphones I wanted to hear the response of the headphones 
according to the frequency. To do so, I took this frequency sweep :


As you will hear, with gstreamer, there are very strange and annoying 
parasite frequencies when it goes to high frequencies. This does not 
come from the flac : you can try it with mplayer or by burning it on a 
CD, you won't have those parasites. My version of gstreamer is the last 
debian/sid version :

totem 2.20.3 with gstreamer 0.10.17

I have a few questions about these parasites :

The main question is : Is it a bug or a feature ?

If it is a feature I would be very interested in the precise reason of
these parasites, it looks like a sample problem, but I can't really
understand. I also think it would be interesting to have an option in
vlc to get the exact sound it is sensed to play, even if it takes more
processor ressources.

A lot of other softwares do not pass the test of this sweep, for example
: vlc, mpg321, totem with libxine... the only software that does it 
right is mplayer.

Thank you in advance,
Elie Roux

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