[gst-devel] gsoc 2008

Stefan Kost ensonic at hora-obscura.de
Sat Mar 22 20:49:36 CET 2008


Farkas Levente schrieb:
> hi,
> we found gstreamer is a very promising project for linux. unfortunately 
> is far from complete and robust. i've got a few student who would like 
> to take part in gsoc in this year and one of the most interesting 
> project would be to further develop and fix gstreamer. we think about 
> one or two student (but it can be even 4) to make the video part better.
> - write more source filter for different hardware component like 
> multichannel grabber card and tv card,
> - decoder and encoder card support,
> - ip camera support native or trough rtp,
> - fix the current rtp code. as we test it currently gstreamer crash with 
> real rtp source like ip camera while mplayer, vlc and xine works fine. 
> or even do a clean rtp implementation since the current code depends on 
>  ffmpeg.
> - and the most important to do a lots of fixes to make gstreamer more 
> robust.
> - any any other basic not gstreamer coding which would be useful for 
> gstreamer.
> all of these student in his last year of his M.s.C as programmer 2 of 
> them already write a few filter for gstreamer and has a few month of 
> knowledge about gstreamer.
> what do you think about it?
> thank you for your help in advance.
> yours.

I've put the developer list in CC. GStreamer is quite a big and fast moving 
project and I work more on the audio side and don't want to tell anything wrong. 
  Regardless your students are very welcome to apply for SoC project within 
GStremaer. We have already listed a few projects under:
but these are just poposals from our side. Regarding your sugestions:
* the multichannel grabber card and tv card sounds good
* decoder and encoder card support sounds good too
* regarding the rtp code, its imho quite good already, there are some real 
specific elements in plugins-ugly and -plugins-bad. Be sure to have them in use.
* regarding the robustness, we have a unit.test framework in use. Contributions 
of further tests (e.g. for rtp) are very welcome.

I recommend your students to come to the gstreamer irc channel on freenode, 
introduce themself and work on a project proposal, taking the feedback from the 
developers into account.

Thanks for your offer


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