[gst-devel] Query about Seek Event on the sink pad of a sink

Zheng, Huan huan.zheng at intel.com
Wed Nov 5 07:28:18 CET 2008

Excuse me for sending it again. Hope somebody can help.

Hi, Dear developers
I'm encountering a problem when I trying to send a seek event to the sink pad of a self written sink (just call it mysink) which is derived from GstBaseSink
It looks like the event handler even doesn't response to the seek event.
I think the issues may due to the event direction mechanism of GStreamer.

So, my question is, is it possible to send a seek event to the sink pad of a sink, and let it create a seek event send to upstream?

My goal is: send a seek event which contains time_cur->time_stop info to mysink, and mysink will handle it and tell upstream filesrc to seek to new location.

Thanks for your response!

Best Regards, Zheng, Huan(ZBT)
Intel Aisa-Pacific Research & Developement Ltd
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Inet: 8821 6435
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