[gst-devel] Write an audio data stream to file with GStreamer

Markus Luttenberger m.luttenberger at avibit.com
Thu Dec 17 17:01:29 CET 2009

Tim-Philipp Müller schrieb:
> I'm fairly sure what you want to do is doable even with such an old
> version. However, not only is that version more than five years old, but
> we've also had a major API/ABI change since then, so don't be surprised
> if no one remembers anything at all about 0.8.x.

Yes, you're probably right. I will talk about an upgrade. If this is not 
possible I'll have to stick to ALSA / DirectSound. And guess what, the 
ALSA version is already five years old... :/


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