[gst-devel] Required GLib version policy

Tim-Philipp Müller t.i.m at zen.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 17:36:09 CET 2009


I think we should try to bump our GLib requirements more often. Slowly
and conservatively, but regularly.

To this effect I propose some sort of informal GLib version policy,
something like:

 - whenever we release core/base, we look into
   bumping the GLib requirement for core/base
   (ie. right *after* the core/base release, not
   for the release itself)

 - we then look at all (stable) GLib 2.N.1 releases
   that are older than ~12 months, and pick the
   highest N. That's our new GLIB_REQ then.

The overall effect would be that when we release the next core/base the
required GLib version would be at least around 15-18 months old, which
seems fair to me (and what I think emerged as acceptable consensus the
last time we debated this issue on the mailing list).


 - GLib 2.N.1 would be at least 12 months old
   *when we bump the requirement* (at this point
   only affecting GStreamer hackers)

 - a core/base with this new requirement would
   be done ca. 3 months later, so at the time
   this new requirement hits GStreamer consumers
   and distributors the GLib version required
   would be at least 15 months old

 - any GLib 2.N.x series will typically be
   maintained and in use for 6-9 months (random
   info on the side)

Thoughts? Sound good?


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