[gst-devel] x264enc or ffenc_libx264

Sumanth V sumanth.v at allaboutif.com
Mon Jun 8 18:13:26 CEST 2009


        Hi i am trying to compile and install x264enc plugin from
gst-plugins-bad-0.10.12 and ffenc_libx264 from gst-ffmpeg-0.10.7 , but
neither of them is getting installed. I have installed x264 package also.
When i compile the gst-plugins-bad-0.10.12 package i get the following
message for the x264 plugin.

configure: *** checking feature: x264 plug-in ***
configure: *** for plug-ins: x264 ***
checking for x264_nal_encode in -lx264... yes
checking x264.h usability... yes
checking x264.h presence... no
configure: WARNING: x264.h: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the
configure: WARNING: x264.h: proceeding with the compiler's result
checking for x264.h... yes
checking for uptodate x264 API version... no
configure: *** These plugins will not be built: x264

How do i get the uptodate x264 API version?

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