[gst-devel] General question about use of GStreamer

João Paulo Mafra jpmneofito at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 23:05:34 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I need to make a video player that is a bit different in some ways, and
after some reading and experiencing about GStreamer I think it fits my
needs. The player needs to play videos in wmv, flv, show static jpeg and png
images, and show flash (swf) animations, in fullscreen mode. Another need is
to switch the media types without blinking the screen, that is, to not
display a white frame while switching.

For the videos (wmv and flv) I know that gstreamer-ffmeg can show it, but I
still need a way to show the other ones. I was planning to use firefox
(gecko) embedded in a gtk application to show the flash animations and the
other medias. I need to know if gstreamer can help in displaying normal
videos, switching, and displaying flash animations running inside gecko, in
a single fullscreen player.

I've seen an application that does much what I need, the Gnome's Totem media
player, and I know it uses gstreamer. I downloaded its source code, but I
need some information about that before spending time on it.

Someone can help with any explanation?

Thanks in advance (sorry for my bad english),

João Paulo
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