[gst-devel] Mozilla & gstreamer

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Wed Jun 17 22:24:51 CEST 2009

yea but its important to set the long term path now.. so our add-ons use 
the right framework.

Firefogg.org client side transcoding (and hopefully soon audio capture) 
right now it uses ffmpeg2theora. If we know that gstreamer is in the 
road-map we would start designing the add-on with that direction in-mind.


David Ascher wrote:
> On 6/17/09 1:05 PM, Michael Dale wrote:
>> Mozilla is looking to include auiod/video capture for Firefox and the 
>> Mozilla platform in the future. Gstreamer was proposed as a technical 
>> solution. Technical issues aside Chris Blizzard expressed concern 
>> over issues with licenses. Before technical issues for gstreamer with 
>> Mozilla Firefox can be fully considered the license issues have to be 
>> sorted.
> A side note: I believe that the context was Thunderbird, not Firefox.  
> The licensing restrictions aren't any different, and it's possible 
> that Firefox would do something like that, but I just wanted to set 
> the context.
> Also, my comment was that I'd want to explore what's possible as  
> Thunderbird add-on -- it's way, way too early to talk about inclusion 
> of anything in Thunderbird or Firefox.  I'd be fine with an add-on 
> that was Linux only and LGPL, for example, as it'd be an experiment, 
> not a part of Thunderbird.
>> If these license issues can be sorted a more technical discussion can 
>> follow as to whether gstreamer would be the best choice for inclusion 
>> of these features into the Mozilla platform.
> As Chris mentioned, cross-platform support is at least as important I 
> suspect from a Mozilla POV.  I'm ignorant: what's the state of 
> gstreamer on Windows/Mac?
> --david

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