[gst-devel] Mozilla & gstreamer

Michael Dale mdale at wikimedia.org
Wed Jun 17 22:05:04 CEST 2009

Mozilla is looking to include auiod/video capture for Firefox and the 
Mozilla platform in the future. Gstreamer was proposed as a technical 
solution. Technical issues aside Chris Blizzard expressed concern over 
issues with licenses. Before technical issues for gstreamer with Mozilla 
Firefox can be fully considered the license issues have to be sorted.

As far as I understand (hopefully Mozilla will follow up with some 
details)  the core code and the code for the capture modules would have 
to be trilicensed? Since everything is already available under the least 
restrictive form (the LGPL) I imagine the gstreamer community would be 
oky with this. I don't think the purpose of the gstreamer communities 
license choices where to exclude the use of the library by Mozilla 
foundation open source web browser.

If these license issues can be sorted a more technical discussion can 
follow as to whether gstreamer would be the best choice for inclusion of 
these features into the Mozilla platform.


Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> We can't ship gstreamer.  We don't ship under the LGPL.
> That being said, we can link to it on Linux.  We would just need  
> something for the Mac and Windows as well.
> --Chris
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