[gst-devel] Minor question about --disable-trace in gstreamer-0.10.25

franchan francis.meyvis at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 16:13:28 CEST 2009


>   1. RELEASE: GStreamer 0.10.25 'Feel the burn' (Jan Schmidt)

I used to compile gstreamer in a release without tracing.
Therefore part of my "release" build looked like this:
   ./configure --prefix=${INSTALL_PATH} --disable-debug
--disable-gst-debug --disable-valgrind --disable-trace --disable-nls
--disable-static --enable-binary-registry --disable-loadsave
--with-html-dir=/tmp/dump || die "Failed configuring"

This version fails on a gcc poison macro (gst_trace_add_entry)
while compiling grammar.tab.c

But removing --disable-trace makes it succeed.
Perhaps it is the purpose starting from this version of gstreamer? It
is not adviced to disable tracing?


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