[gst-devel] tested successfully by using gst-launch but didn't work by using playbin2

xujh xjh41605 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 08:21:09 CEST 2009

I am working on playing avi file in Android using gstreamer which has been
ported into Android with the help of 

Android don't support avi playing so i want to do it myself using gstreamer.

Now it can play well using gst-launch under command line .
But when i try to use laybin2 to do this job it failed. I have set
properties "video-sink" and "audio-sink" of playbin2.
I find that playbin2 found plugins avidemuxer and decoder successfully and
stoped unexpectedly .
The last error messages are as follows:

D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
mfw_gst_avidemuxer.c:499:avidemuxer_fill_stream_info: Added pad video_00
with caps 0xb03a0
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1801], DEBUG  
gstdecodebin2.c:1827:gst_decode_group_check_if_blocked: Group isn't complete
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
mfw_gst_avidemuxer.c:607:avidemuxer_fill_stream_info:  out of  gboolean
D/GstPlayer( 1792): 
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
mfw_gst_avidemuxer.c:992:mfw_gst_avidemuxer_parse_header: signaling no more
pads from mfw_avidemuxer
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
gstdecodebin2.c:1979:gst_decode_group_expose: going to expose group 0xbf780
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
gstdecodebin2.c:2037:gst_decode_group_expose: About to expose dpad
decodepad2 as src0
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
gstdecodebin2.c:2046:gst_decode_group_expose: emitting new-decoded-pad
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG  
gsturidecodebin.c:671:new_decoded_pad_cb: new decoded pad, name: <src0>.
Last: 1
D/GstPlayer( 1792): [1798], DEBUG   gstplaybin2.c:1680:pad_added_cb: pad
uridecodebin0:src0 with caps 0x76620 added in group 0x8c290

I don't know what causes the errors which seemed it didn't touch the sink ?
BTW:i do this job on freescale IMX27 board which supported hardware codec
and freescale offers the plugins avidemuxer and decoder . 

Can anyone help me ? i will be appreciated.

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