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Many thanks for the replies, they have been extremely useful!

>> This is quite a project. Not sure if it fits a final year project. I am
not a
>> video expert, but answer as no one else did so far.

> I agree it is a large scope ; i tried something similar in the past.
> What i found out is that synchronization and mixing from network
> sources is really a challenge with Gstreamer (according to my
> experience), especially with videomixer etc...

Taking these comments into account I've decided to reduce the scope of the
project to focus solely on the network stream mixing and synchronisation
problem. I will write the code with future features such as graphics, fades
etc. in mind but by the sounds of it I won't have time to implement them
before my project deadline.

>>> 3) Low latency is desirable, how powerful a PC would be required for
>>> this decoding, mixing and recoding multiple low-res live video streams

> How many streams ? Which resolution and framerate, origin codec ?
> Which target codec ? These questions only make sense with numbers, but
> expect the need for powerful machines. As for latency, it will depend
> of the number of filters and operations you will have between the
> senders and the encoder.

Yeh this was a pretty vague question wasn't it! I suppose this is something
I really need to wait for, and test out once I've written some of the code.

I have almost finished my initial research and should be starting to code
next week hopefully...I expect I'll be back with more specific problems

Many thanks,
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