[gst-devel] Two Audio Streams In One Pipeline

Marcelo de Sá Mendoza marcelomendozasc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 19:06:43 CET 2009


Is possible to have two streams( 1 sender 1 receiver ) or more, of audio in
one pipeline only? I'm trying to do that and I getting frustrated. I made
two pipelines for each stream and worked cool, I hear the audio received
from the host and the host hear what I talk. The thing is that I need to do
that in ONE pipeline, but I can't. I know that two streams are possible in
one pipeline, cause when I do the test below, it works:

gst-launch -v filesrc location=notice.html ! identity ! udpsink
host= port=6000 udpsrc port=6000 ! identity ! filesink

but when I change to pulsesrc/pulsesink that doesnt work. Works only in
diferent pipelines. There's something else that I need to do?

Thanks for the atention.
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